Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in the South African Maritime Industry

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in the South African Maritime Industry

October 15, 2016

Sturrock Grindrod Maritime believes in the value of diversity and transformation.

This applies on a company level and within the South African economy. To this end, we have stipulated as part of our strategy for 2016 to support small black-owned business in the maritime industry. This is not as easy as one might think as there are very few black entrepreneurs in this space. Mid-2016 we engaged with a young entrepreneur who started a business called Mvano Marine.

When we met, Ngazi Qongqo was a 66% owner of the business and sharing office space. He is now a 100% owner of the business.

Since our first engagement, we have had discussions with Ngazi and have found ways to support his fledgling business. SGM offered unused office space in the Cape Town offices at 2 Long Street for
a period. He has the support of the HR, Finance and Brand team who have helped him with staffing requirements and office branding, as well as access to the CEO for advice and guidance.

Mvano Marine supplies and supports all marine technology, training, dynamic positioning and simulation systems which form a relatively new area of specialisation called mechatronics. Ngazi’s business is closely aligned to the Marine Tech division of SGM and he will be working closely with that team.

In the climate South Africa finds itself in, it is young and dynamic individuals like
Ngazi that are the future of transformation in our country. It is up to established businesses to give these entrepreneurs opportunities so that they are set up for success. SGM has formulated our BEE strategy around making a difference in
the community and adding value to the economy, and the support of a small business is directly linked to this strategy.