IVS Gleneagles delivered

IVS Gleneagles delivered

April 04, 2016

The IVS Gleneagles, a 58 000 DWT Bulk Carrier, was delivered on 15 March 2016 from Shin Kuru- shima Toyohashi Shipbuilding.
Honoured guests at the naming ceremony in- cluded David Polkinghorne, CEO Grindrod Finan- cial Services, and his wife Jane Polkinghorne, the godmother of the vessel.

The vessel has a total complement of 21, all Fili- pino, well experienced officers and crew from PTC headed up by Captain Renato Galope and CEO Ju- lio Carredo.

IVS Gleneagles sailed on her maiden voyage car- rying a cargo of steel products to South Korea via Busan for fuel and supplies.

David and Jane Polkinghorne on board IVS Gleneagles.