Grindrod Stevedores are breaking records

Grindrod Stevedores are breaking records

September 16, 2020

In 2016, Grindrod Stevedores recognized the potential of providing Grab and Hopper services for bulk cargoes imported to the port of Richards Bay. Four sets were purchased and became operational in July 2016. Volumes increased year-on-year. The need for backup equipment became apparent in 2019 and two additional sets were acquired in August last year. This also enabled the discharging of two vessels simultaneously.

On Monday, 7th September, Grindrod Stevedores, for the first time, simultaneously discharged two vessels - an Anthracite and Urea vessel.   This operation was followed by discharging a Salt vessel and another Anthracite vessel where all six sets were used simultaneously.

The Grindrod Stevedores team proudly reported the Grab and Hopper tonnages for September to be as follows:

  • 42kt Sulpher (2 vessels 10kt + 32kt)
  • 15kt Anthracite (2 vessels 5kt + 10kt)
  • 6kt Urea
  • 52kt Salt
  • Total 115kt  - A new monthly Grab & Hopper record for Grindrod Stevedores