Grindrod's  AutoPort construction is well underway

Grindrod's AutoPort construction is well underway

September 16, 2020

The construction of Grindrod’s 270 000sqm AutoPort situated just off the N3 between Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg is well underway and phase 1 is expected to be completed by December 2020.

All buildings are under construction which includes:

  • The administration building and Vehicle Processing Centre
  • The security office and Sally Port
  • The Workshop, wash bays, tyre fitment bays, Stores, and operational offices including driver facilities.

The asphalt is now complete, and the carports are being erected.   

  • Phase 1 will accommodate 2400 vehicles
  • Phase 2 will accommodate a further 2020 vehicles
  • Phase 3 will accommodate a further 4600 vehicles

Grindrod understands the importance of moving towards a circular economy and therefore focused on establishing a green facility.  Features being incorporated into the design include rainwater harvesting, recycling of water at the vehicle wash bays, solar energy (PV Panels), natural lighting, indigenous vegetation, use of on-site materials in the construction and landscaping process, and the use of inverter technology to minimise energy usage.  Recycling of protective materials on imported vehicles will be recycled for use in the manufacture of bricks and flooring.

The facility features the latest high technological security features, with extensive use of CCTV technology including off-site monitoring and double-entry gates which creates what is known as a vacuum / sterile entrance.  Physical barriers of either natural berms or man-made will restrict vehicle movements to a single entry/exit point.  

The office accommodation provides for modern facilities where connectivity is essential with comfortable and practical workspaces. 

Raw materials e.g. face brick have been used internally in certain areas as well as polished concrete floors in the office areas.  These initiatives saved costs and will provide a more modern and industrial look and feel. 

This ‘first of a kind’ facility for finished vehicle logistics in South Africa includes reticulation for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EL/PHEV), metal roofing to mitigate fire and hail, fully equipped workshop and fitment centre, smart repairs facility, clearing and forwarding activities, bonded and duty paid storage, storage for trucks, light motor vehicles, and other rubber-tired vehicular equipment. Emphasis has been applied in respect of the ergonomic design of the facility to ensure efficient and effective vehicle flows.

The Natcor rail link between Durban and Johannesburg runs adjacent to the property and provides for rail siding opportunities - for rail options both to and from the AutoPort.

This is another example of where Grindrod has invested along a strategic trade corridor. 

  • Admin Office and Training Centre

  • Entrance to the facility - Strile/vacuum entrance

  • Entrance to vehicle Processing Centre

  • Main Admin office and Vehicle Processing Centre

  • Vehicle Processing Centre

  • Water retention pond - will supply grey water

  • Workshop and Operations Office

  • Workshop and pitt under construction