Grindrod Intermodal handles record container vessel at Maydon Wharf

Grindrod Intermodal handles record container vessel at Maydon Wharf

July 01, 2020

On the 23rd of June, Grindrod Intermodal (GIM) welcomed the Cape Male; a Maersk operated container vessel at Maydon Wharf.

The vessel arrived with 2220 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) of empty reefers onboard for the current citrus season. Once the reefers were discharged, they were trucked to GIM Umlazi Reefer Depot to be prepped for export packing. At the same time, 2201 TEU of empty dry containers were trucked from the GIM Reunion facility to the vessel, to be loaded and evacuated from Durban.

This was the biggest container vessel handled at Maydon Wharf in terms of LOA (Length Overall) of 212 m and containers handled. The combined discharge and load were 4421 TEU containers and is an achievement made possible by the teamwork within GIM.

It’s important to note that GIM handled the entire operation. From the vessel’s arrival at the berth, the discharge of reefers, trucking of the containers to and from the vessel and depots, preparation of the reefers at the depot, loading of the dry empty containers through to the vessel departure!

This is one of the many examples in GIM where there are multiple touchpoints of cargo entering or leaving our facilities.

  • Cape Male Inward 23 June 2020

  • Cape Male Outward 29 June 2020

  • GIM Owned and Subcontracted Fleet Waiting outside GIM Umlazi

  • GIM Reunion

  • GIM Truck Leaving GIM Umlazi

  • GIM Trucks Lining up at Cape Male to collect Empty Reefer for GIM Umlazi

  • GIM Umlazi Reefer Prep

  • Riaz Kajee and Sebastian Chetty at the berth. Two GIM trucks with reefers loaded destined for GIM Umlazi and another reefer being discharged and loaded on to a waiting truck.

  • Sebastian Chetty and Riaz Kajee in front of Maersk Reefer being loaded onto a truck