May 21, 2020

The President addressed us again on the 13th of May with a very clear message that we have done what was needed and it is now time to face the virus head-on. We will move to level 3 by the first of June, with that will come an increase in infections and we need to ensure we are able to deal with that increase.

All our businesses have been hard at work on that every aspect and we are ready. We will no doubt find flair ups as Professor Karim described them and we will need to address them in a caring but efficient manner to ensure we address the welfare of our people and keep the business functioning.

We have learnt from the port of Cape Town’s positive COVID cases over the weekend what actions to implement in the event we encounter positive tests within our business.

Our success as Grindrod will ultimately be determined by the changes each and every one of us makes in our behaviour.

Let us take a moment to appreciate that our business is built on a strong foundation, with a healthy asset base and that we have had some successes over this time. These include:

•             The first shipment of supplies to northern Mozambique for the LNG developments.

•             Our new Grindrod Intermodal warehouse in Port Elizabeth which is now operational.

•             Our rail wagons which are on-route to Ndola for use on the TAZARA rail corridor.

Our business has wonderful potential and with Transnet now getting back to around 80% of their capacity the supply chains are nearly all open and our business is gaining momentum.

Many thanks to our staff, customers, business partners, investors, and suppliers for your patience during this time, and let's stand together during this next phase when our resilience will be tested.