Grindrod Logistics Mozambique launch a Road Safety Campaign

Grindrod Logistics Mozambique launch a Road Safety Campaign

October 22, 2019

During the month of October, Grindrod Logistics Mozambique (GLM) launched its Road Safety Campaign in the province of Cabo Delegado, in Northern Mozambique.

The program commenced in the local district of Chiure, an area identified statistically as having a high number of road accidents.  The launch of the campaign was attended by the local authorities, the Director of Local infrastructures and a representative of the local government as well as representatives from GLM. The launch received television and radio coverage.

The campaign, centered around schools, provides the community with various road safety equipment including vests, whistles, batons, etc. Trainers led interactive sessions with members of the community on a train-the-trainer basis.

This is the start of the campaign which will extend further into Cabo Delgado as well the Nampula Province. It covers the main trade corridor utilized by the GLM trucks on route to and from Nacala and Balama.