Celebrating the wonderful women in the Grindrod workplace

Celebrating the wonderful women in the Grindrod workplace

August 30, 2019

Caption: From Left: Bobby Tlhablwe (General Manager), and Modiriemang Rammolai (driver Grindrod Fuelogic) 

We couldn’t let ‘Women’s month’ pass without acknowledging some of the wonderful accomplishments achieved by ladies working for Grindrod. We’ve highlighted specifically, ladies working in what is traditionally male dominated roles. We salute you for your hard work and for stepping out the mould. Read more about our fabulous women. 

  • Anzel Horn, Environmental Specialist has been working for Grindrod Terminals since January 2019. She studied at the North-West University Potchefstroom Campus from 2015 and completed a BSc. Honours Degree in Environmental Sciences with Environmental Management in 2018. Environmental Management is a fast-growing career path for women all over the world as eco-consciousness is on a rise. She chose this career to make a difference in the world and contribute to protecting the environment for future generations. She believes in creating environmental awareness by educating people and leading by example to inspire people to change their behaviour towards the environment thus ensuring sustainability. Small changes can lead to great improvements!

  • Daisy Mthembu, is a qualified boilermaker who joined Grindrod on a permanent basis on the 1st of November 2018. With her on the team, a lot of previously outsourced work can now be completed internally. She has already made an impact with her skills and her future plans includes gaining more well-rounded mechanical exposure in the plant to position herself for leadership roles.

  • Fanele Khoza is a trade tested, fully qualified electrician holding an N6 electrical diploma qualification currently working as a semi-skilled mechanical artisan. She joined Grindrod on a permanent basis in May of 2018. Due to her mechanical exposure, she has now formally began studies at a local college to qualify as a millwright. She is completing her studies through the Grindrod bursary scheme. Her future plans include getting more technical skills and to qualify as a GCC engineer.

  • Fernanda Issá is a qualified Operator. She joined the Group in 2009 but was employed be TCM since 1995. Fernanda completed a grade 12°. Fernanda performed various tasks, namely: Receptionist, Secretary, Human Resources practitioner, Billing Administrator and now an Operator. Her biggest challenge was dealing with BMW, in the role of Operator. She has also added value due to her commitment and attitude in a male dominant environment.

  • Kemoshni Pillay - SHERQ Line Manager. She has been working for Grindrod Terminals from 28 May 2019. She first started as a SHERQ Admin Officer and then was promoted to Line Manager SHERQ. She matriculated in the year 2005, then proceeded to study accounting science through UNISA. She started her safety career in the year 2011, she completed all pre-requisites for SAMTRAC and attained her SAMTRAC with distinctions. She has also completed numerous short courses in Safety Management through NOSA, she also attained her National Diploma in Safety Management through UNISA in Dec 2016 with 3 Distinctions. She is currently completing her BTECH in Safety Management through UNISA. For Kemoshni the sky is the limit.

  • Lee-Ann Naidoo – Operations Line Manager. Her career in Grindrod Terminals commenced in 2007 as a Logistics Officer. In October 2017, she was asked to stand in as the Operations Line Manager, managing 2 Sites and a few months later after proving her proficiencies, she was permanently appointed. She is driven to ensure customer satisfaction, leading a productive and happy team and her commitment speaks volumes. She has Diploma’s in Information Technology and Systems, Freight Handling and Management. She has been part of the Internal Auditor team. In April 2019 she was also appointment as the Nominated Rail Safety Regulator Manager. She is constantly grateful for her journey with Grindrod and has gained immense knowledge, exposure and experience which still continues.

  • Lungi Mathaba - SHERQ Line Manager. Lungi is a dynamic SHE Specialist, who has 20 years of experience. She is passionate about continuous improvement and about organisational health and safety, and wholeheartedly committed to delivering high levels of excellence, accuracy and productivity in all endeavours. Extensively experienced in the Logistics, Quarry/ Open Cast mining, Sand Mining, Concrete (Ready Mix), Construction and Chemical industries. Flexible and capable problem-solver with strong administrative aptitude who thrives under pressure, enjoys challenges and adapts quickly to new tasks; self-motivated, diligent and resourceful whether working independently or as part of a team. She has Occupational Health and Safety Diploma, SAMTRAC and few courses on SHEQ which includes ISO 9001 and 14001.

  • Maida Benedito Tete, is a professional young lady with a degree in Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management from Eduardo Mondlane University. She was employed by Grindrod Terminal de Carvão da Matola, on 01 February 2019 to perform the duties of Tippler Operator as a shift worker. Maida is the first woman to perform these and the first woman to work shift. The duties include, among others, Tippler Operating, weighing wagons, capturing data to the system. She has added value to the company due to her commitment and approach to her work.

  • Maureen Mngadi is currently working as a fuel attendant for Grindrod Logistics Automotive. Maureen believes in remaining calm when the pressure is on and maintaining good relationships with her fellow co-workers. She believes that teamwork and communication is essential for a harmonious work environment. Maureen is currently completing a computer course and would like to join the administrative team in the near future. She sees this as a steppingstone in developing herself.

  • Ms. Juliane Margareta Altmann - SHERQ/Admin Supervisor at Grindrod Terminals in Namibia. Juliane, also known as Nikki, was permanently employed on the 2nd of November 2018. Her support has alleviated her immediate line manager in specific administrative tasks and has improved the safety standards and behaviour within the facility.

  • Nozipho Xaba is currently working as a quality inspector, convoy driver and a loading and offloading assistant. Nozipho said that working in a male dominant environment can be stressful and demanding especially when the team is under pressure. She does her best to remain calm and works to the best of her ability to ensure that the goal is met. Nozipho is working towards attaining her code 14 driver’s license and is hoping to be the first female long distance driver in Grindrod Logistics Automotive.

  • Phumzile Nxumalo - Control Room Operator. Representing women in a male dominated industry has been the highlight of her career. She has a desire to always do a good job and contribute to the organisations functions to make it a success. She is grateful for the chances Grindrod has given to her in terms of training and gaining knowledge. She believes organisations need to start trusting women to lead. Being a woman for her is sometimes challenging in the workplace because she has to always put in extra effort to gain the respect she deserves.

  • Raiman Fernandes, is currently employed as a Tally Supervisor. She was employed by MCTL- Maputo Car Terminal, in September 2013. Raman is a strong young lady, that likes challenges and is currently studying social sciences at University of São Tomas. Since 2013, Raiman had various challenges, but the most notable was operating vessels and sorting out SAP issues. Raiman’s multiple skills and commitment to the goals of the company, adds much value.

  • Valentine Ndlovu - Safety Officer. Valentine joined Grindrod Terminals in 2013 as a Rail Supervisor for the Grindrod Rail Division and part of her core functions was to lead her team that consisted of loco-drivers and shunters. In 2014 she was given the opportunity to join the Grindrod Corridor Management team in the capacity of Rail Coordinator. One of her functions was to engage with Transnet. In 2018 she joined the SHERQ department to work as a SHERQ Officer because she is very passionate about safety. Her academic qualifications include a B.Tech in Operations Management (passed with cum laude) that she obtained at Durban University of Technology; B.Tech in Safety Management that she obtained at the University of South Africa and she has also completed SAMTRAC with distinction at NOSA.

  • Vania da Conceição Goque is a graduate with a Rail Engineering Degree. She is on apprenticeship for six months effective 15 April 2019. Her duties include, among others, daily inspection of rail lines and switch points, monitoring all the rail maintenance engineering duties. Vania has also accepted the challenge of doing the work that is normally done by men. She has added value due her commitment and approach to her work.

  • Winnie Sibiya (Precious) - Team Leader. Winnie’s strengths include staying cool, empathy and emotionally intelligence which helps her a lot in a male dominant industry. There is a line and “staying cool” doesn’t mean I allow them to cross it. She treats the men she works with in the same way she would like to be treated and that is with respect. She has been with Grindrod since 2012 and has been enjoying her journey thus far and hopes to continue for many more years.

  • Zinhle Jali recently qualified millwright currently working as a semi-skilled electrician. Since she joined Grindrod early in 2019, she has proven herself to be a fast learner and will, in the future, be ready to work as a leader of a technical team. She is passionate about her role at Grindrod and she never lets anything stand in her way.

  • Siroma Samussone is currently a Driver. Her main task is to drive cars from the vessel to the terminal and from the terminal to Agency. She enjoys what she does, is committed and sees each car as a challenge, due of the specification and computerization function of each car. Siroma completed a grade 10°.

  • Buyi Mbanjwa. When she joined the rail industry 13 years ago it was a career that really didn't have many woman in the role. “The ‘blokes’ are all great through, there is a real family feeling and not a ' lady' culture at all.” She has never been treated differently. There's is a real sense of equality, we all work hard, receive the same pay. She ends everyday feeling like she’s really making a difference. Currently in Grindrod Terminals, she is the only woman who is a train driver, and she gets to teach the next generation of train drivers. “I want to inspire those that I come across to become something that they might never have thought they could be. The more woman we see in traditionally male dominated industries, the more we can break down barriers and show all woman and girls that they can do and be anything they put their minds to.”

  • Luisa Mulima - is currently a tally. This multi skilled lady enjoys what she does, is tenacious, a team player with a willingness to learn from her colleagues. Luisa completed a grade 10°.