MPDC raising breast cancer awareness

MPDC raising breast cancer awareness

October 17, 2018

Globally, October is known to be the month of breast cancer awareness. In Portuguese speaking countries, it is named “October Rose”. 

On Friday, 26 October 2018, MPDC celebrated October Rose.

Renascer, an NGO formed by breast cancer survivors, were invited to attend an event in the port. The women shared their testimonials, raising awareness of the symptoms. The core message was: “love yourself, know your body and take care of yourself. Early detection is key”.

“It was a very emotional morning, and all the women invited (from all companies inside the port) were unanimous in saying that the talk was highly motivational,” said Soraia Abdula, Communications Manager, MPDC.

“On the same day we had a celebration at our new canteen and gym to raise awareness. Women from the port were invited to attend dance rehearsals during the month of October, and they presented the choreography on the 26th of October. There, we also heard testimonials from breast cancer survivors”, continued Soraia.