Grindrod Bank empowering small business

Grindrod Bank empowering small business

May 24, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Grindrod Bank through its Enterprise Development initiative have secured the services and empowered THE FOOD VAULT to operate and manage the canteen services on the 3rd floor of Grindrod Towers.  On the 24th May 2017 there was a launch opening of The Food Vault whereby all staff and occupants of Grindrod Tower were invited to sample and taste some of the delicious meals and snacks.
The management of The Food Vault expresses its gratitude and appreciation and wishes to thank the staff and management of Grindrod & Grindrod Bank for their support, and confidence in awarding The Food Vault the opportunity to provide meals and a catering service at Grindrod Tower. The canteen facility has undergone a fit-out, to enable The Food Vault to provide affordable meals, providing a service for full on catering, providing snacks and delicacies, continental buffet breakfast meals, sandwiches, salads and daily lunch meals.  Also catering for and providing food platters for the meetings and presentations that are held on the 4th floor meeting venues.