Grindrod Integrated Logistics' facility in Nacala, now operational

Grindrod Integrated Logistics' facility in Nacala, now operational

June 21, 2018

Grindrod’s logistics contract awarded by Syrah in 2017, initiated the construction of a dedicated Intermodal facility in Nacala.  The contract is to move bagged graphite from Syrah’s mine in Balama to Nacala Port for export. Key services offered by Grindrod Integrated Logistics (GIL) include long-haul transport from the mine to the warehouse in Nacala, and storage and containerisation of the product.  Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (SGM) will provide the sub-contracted short-haul transport of the laden containers into the port as well as customs clearance services. At full production Grindrod will be containerising 30,000 tonnes of bagged graphite per month.

To service this contract in Northern Mozambique, GIL was required to develop a warehouse, and container and transport yard facilities with a total footprint of 60,000m². Phase 1, being the construction of the warehouse (10,000m²) and container yard (30,000m²), is now complete and fully operational.  This includes the delivery of seven forklifts for cargo handling, and an empty and a full container handler.  The first cargo arrived in June 2018.

Phase 2, which includes the transport yard, workshop for servicing equipment, fuelling facilities, a canteen and changeroom facilities for staff will be complete by the end of July 2018. The new trucks and trailers have arrived in Nacala. 

Besides our significant investment in infrastructure and equipment, we have already employed 145 people. This is significant for the Mozambique economy, with 98% of staff being local.