Grindrod head office will be moving to Grindrod House

Grindrod head office will be moving to Grindrod House

October 19, 2017

Quadrant House, the magnificent corner building opposite the yacht mall on Margaret Mncadi Avenue formerly known as Victoria Embankment, and Grindrod’s head office since the 1980’s, has been sold. The new registered address for Grindrod Limited is Grindrod House, 108 Margaret Mncadi Avenue, Durban.

The history of Quadrant House dates back to 1929 when architect Ritchie MacKinlay was commissioned to design the building for a naval training school. Quadrant House, considered one of MacKinlay’s finest works, was named as such because of the shape of the site and the association of quadrant with navigation.

In 1950, Quadrant House was adapted to residential living with individual bedrooms and communal bathrooms. The building deteriorated and gained a notorious reputation.

Murray Grindrod bought the building in 1987 and had it restored to its former glory. The building is a national monument and will remain a part of the Grindrod history.