Record volumes for Terminal Da Carvoa da Matola, (TCM) and gearing up to load Panamax ships

Record volumes for Terminal Da Carvoa da Matola, (TCM) and gearing up to load Panamax ships

June 07, 2017

Caption: Barge operation transporting permanent and and temporary cargo to Matola for the works at TCM

 During the period January to May, TCM, an open storage dry bulk handling terminal customised to handle coal and magnetite, exported 703 449 tons of coal. The increased volumes are attributable to the demand for export capacity driven by the recovery in commodity prices, and the support from our rail partners TFR and CFM.

TCM is well advanced in its Berth Deepening and Quay Offset Project including on the marine works side, the deepening of its existing berth, refurbishment work and the extension of the quay by an 8.5 metre offset. Furthermore, the larger TCM ship loader will be modified, with the boom extended to load at this offset. An engineering study is underway to evaluate the changes that need to be made to the second ship loader, where the modifications will then be implemented in the latter half of the year.

The berth pocket has been dredged to – 15.4 metres below Chart Datum to accommodate the loading of fully-laden Panamax vessels and in response to the recently completed dredging of the navigational channels to the Port of Maputo.

Among the items being installed at TCM is a new fender support structure and fender system that extends the existing quay as a result of the deepening of the berth pocket. A 19 calendar day operational shutdown is planned to accommodate these installations and modifications. The berth will be reopened on 3 July 2017 for hot commissioning and testing.

Grindrod Logistics Africa have worked very closely with a marine Contractor, and other Grindrod group companies including Grindrod Intermodal and both Sturrock Grindrod Maritime offices in SA and Mozambique, to facilitate the logistics, agency and documentation aspect of this operation with cargoes in transit to Matola.

Railing will continue to TCM during the berth outage period so it is our expectation that export volumes will increase significantly from July onwards as the terminal stock levels will be near capacity.

Following the berth shutdown, TCM plans to run at 185ktpm – 200ktpm coal exports for the remainder of 2017.