The Blue Fund supports SANCOB’s Chick Bolstering Project

The Blue Fund supports SANCOB’s Chick Bolstering Project

December 01, 2016

Mass abandonment of penguin chicks in the colonies takes place annually between October and January. During this process, adults go into moult to replace their worn- out feathers with brand new, waterproof feathers. Before moulting, penguins will build up their fat reserves to prepare for the three to four week feather-change process when they are confined to land and unable to enter the ocean to hunt for fish. As a result, moulting parents are unable to care for their young, who are then classified as abandoned. These chicks face starvation unless conservation organisations like SANCCOB intervene.

Due to the rapid decline in population numbers, the African penguin was reclassified as endangered in 2010, and today it is estimated that less than 2% (25,000 breeding pairs) of the species remain in the wild. The survival of individual penguins is critical if South Africa is to retain the wild population of one of its most charismatic wildlife species.

Through the Chick Bolstering Project (CBP), SANCCOB and its project partners are contributing to the wild African penguin population by rescuing abandoned eggs and chicks and releasing them back into the wild after being successfully hand- reared at its seabird centres.

Whilst the SANCOB’s Chick Bolstering Project is an essential part of reversing the dwindling African penguin population, it can’t continue without your help. If you ‘adopt’ an abandoned

African penguin chick (R600), Grindrod Bank via the Blue Fund will match your donation,

effectively doubling your support.

Your investment will contribute towards the cost of fish, veterinary treatment and other essential items that are needed to hatch an egg and /or raise a chick.

You will also receive an adoption pack consisting of a certificate of adoption a photo of your penguin.

If you would like to adopt, visit the SANCCOB website (

If you decide to adopt, please don’t forget to email a picture of yourself and your adoption pack (preferably holding up a photo of your penguin), to Sarah Freestone, Manager: Marketing at Grindrod Bank,